Applications of non-metallic pumps in the environmental sector range from small municipal waste water treatment plants via exhaust air scrubbing systems in paint shops through to large industrial flue gas cleaning systems in power plants.


MUNSCH pumps have demonstrated their excellence for decades in the following applications:

  • Exhaust air purification
  • Flue gas cleaning
  • Industrial waste water treatment

The fluids pumped in such applications are typically corrosive but also abrasive and tend to sediment, making exacting demands on the pump materials.
Besides polypropylene (PP) and PVDF, wear-resistant high-molecular polyethylene (PE-1000) have been successfully used in these applications.
The single or double-acting MUNSCH REA mechanical seal with its diverse flushing options provides maximum flexibility for adaptation to the specific service environment, especially for pumping solids-carrying fluids. MUNSCH REA mechanical seals are extremely wear-resistant and maintenance-friendly. No adjustment or alignment is required after assembly or replacement.