MUNSCH extruders and heated wedge pressure welding machines are ideal for education and training, as all of the prevalent weldable plastic material can be welded by just a few models which means limited expense without any loss of education or training.

For this reason they are also the extruders of choice used in qualification courses in line with the DVS requirements or comparable national and international standards.
Extrusion welding and heated wedge pressure welding techniques are increasingly applied in businesses where you don’t think of it straightaway.

Here are some examples:

  • Stadion construction
  • Mining
  • Roofings
  • Golf courses
  • Biological purification plants
  • Snow generation systems
  • Liquid manure plants

MUNSCH extruders are used in difficult environments (temperatures) worldwide, from North Scandinavia, the near and far east, to Australia

An inquiry for MUNSCH plastic extruders is always worthwhile for any imaginable applications.