There is an increasing significance of the use plastic material in water and underground engineering to collect, discharge, store and transport of water and sewage. Also, the prevention of contamination by seepage water in water protection areas becomes more and more important. This is mostly achieved by the use of sheets made of plastic materials which have to be absolutely tight.

MUNSCH thermoplastic extruders ensure proper treatment of these materials; they are in line with the state of the art and support you to meet all legal requirements (e.g. WHG §19) and the DVS requirements in addition to other relevant standards.

Some examples of application:

Large pond systems, golf courses, irrigation basis, swimming pools, liquid manure plants, sedimentation tanks, landfill construction, environmental protection, road construction, water pollution control, water protection areas, biological purification plants, fire ponds, evaporation tanks, dams, water reservoirs, ducts, concrete corrosion protection, tank sealing, tunnel sealing, water pipelines, airports, snow plants, rain water retention tanks, small purification plants, fish breeding ponds.