WIDOS 4911

Widos 4911

OD 90 up to OD 355 mm | construction site | PE, PP, PVDF, PA | butt welding | manual


Are you looking for a heating element butt welding machine for the use on the construction site and in the trench for pipes and fittings from OD 90 up to OD 355 (14″ IPS)? Then, the WIDOS 4911 is the right machine for you.

With the WIDOS 4911, it is possible to process and produce pipes and fittings out of PE, PP, PA and PVDF from OD 90 up to OD 355 (14″ IPS). Compaired to the WIDOS 4900, we have reinforced the clamping rings and the frame considerably. The larger clamping rings enable a comfortable resp. quick aligning and clamping of the pipes. The larger clamping range means more space for almost all stub ends. The upper clamping tool shells are folding. The welding stroke (travel) has been extended to appr. 300 mm. The continuous bottom plate protects the welding area from soiling.

The WIDOS 4911 can be used on the construction site and in the workshop. Pipes and fittings from OD 90 up to OD 355 (14″ IPS) can be processed. The outer fixed clamping element of the WIDOS 4911 can be easily disassembled by detaching 9 screws in order to weld at difficult accessible places, e.g. in the trench or at the branch side of a T-piece. By removing the base frame, the remaining unit can be then used as 3-ring-machine for repair work. A puller device at the basic frame prevents that the heating element is sticking to the heated pipe ends and thus enables a simple handling.