WIDOS 6100 steel version

OD 315 up to OD 630 mm | construction site | PE, PP | butt welding | manual, weld log recording, CNC


Are you looking for a very solid heating element butt welding machine for the use on the construction site and the trench for pipes and fittings from OD 315 up to OD 630? Then, the WIDOS 6100 steel version is the right machine for you.

The extra solid steel construction of the WIDOS 6100 steel version makes it especially resistant. It is suitable for pipes and fittings out of PE and PP from OD 315 up to OD 630 and is used in the daily rough application on the construction site and in the trench. The machine features a double clamping device with quick clamping on the fixed and on the movable side. These are guided by 2 shafts. There are 2 flexible hoses with quick-action couplings for the connection to the hydraulic control unit. The double clamping devices are screwed to the steel pipe frame. The outer fixed clamping device can be easily dismounted by removing 3 screws in order to weld at difficult accessible places, e.g. in trenches or at branches of T-pieces. The remaining unit of three rings can be removed from the base frame and used for repair work. The WIDOS 6100 steel version is thus a 4-ring and a 3-ring machine in one device. The shield plate below the welding area protects the pipe against soiling. Smaller pipe dimensions can be clamped by means of reducer inserts depending on the pipe diameter. A lift-off device for the easy inserting and removing of the heating element and  planer is available. The WIDOS welding machines can easily be equipped subsequently with the WIDOS SPA weld log recorders and can also be supplied in CNC-controlled version.

The WIDOS 6100 as steel version can be used to weld pipes and fittings out of PE and PP. The WIDOS 6100 steel version is very solid and extremely torsion-resistant. Thus, it is possible to work also under heavy conditions on the construction site and in the trench. With the hydraulic unit, the right-hand clamping devices are moved and the welding force is precisely controlled. It features a pressure backup to support the welding force during cooling down and 2 quick-action couplings as well as an analogue pressure gauge for the exact indication of the pressure. Optionally also available as enclosed aggregate with junction box. The planer has a chain drive in a closed aluminum housing and automatic chip removal to the outside. The blades used are sharpened on both sides and can be used multiple times. The heating element is anti-stick coated and has an electronic temperature control and a connecting cable with CEE plug. A puller device at the basic frame prevents a sticking of the heating element to the heated pipe ends and thus enables simple handling. For the heat-protected storage of the heating element and the planer, a heat-protected box is available.