OD 315 up to OD 1800 mm | construction site | PE, PP | butt welding | manual

You are looking for a light but solid welding installation for pipes and fittings from OD 630 up to OD 1800? Then the WIDOS HRG 6-18 are the right machine for you.

The light but solid heat-ring plastic welding installation is developed for PE- and PP-pipes and fittings. The modular and compact design of the machine makes it especially suitable for welding in narrow spaces. The welding machine can, due to quick fasteners, easily be dismantled into light weight components to minimize the transport and handling considerably.

The HRG 6-18 can be used on construction sites and in the trench and is developed for PE and PP pipes and fittings from OD 630 up to OD 1800. In order to accommodate the various pipe dimensions reducer inserts can be placed into the basic clamping tools. The optional base frame is equipped with precision linear guides for precise and smooth movement of the basic clamping tools. For easy on-site fabrication of segmented bends the basic clamping tools can be swivelled from 7,5° up to 15° per side. The solid high-performance hydraulics is suspended in quick-change devices and can be used for all sizes. Optional hydraulics increase the operating comfort and are also universally applicable for all models. The anti-stick coated heating element is electronically controlled and monitored in accordance with the guidelines of DVS 2208. The planer in more solid and easier single disc design allows precise welding preparation and is mounted to the machine with an automatic locking system.