WIDOS inside debeader 160

ID 90 up to ID 160 mm | construction site | PE, PP | manual


You are looking for a tool to remove the weld seam of PE- and PP-pipes? Then the WIDOS inside debeader is the right tool for you.

The WIDOS inside debeader is designed for the weld seam removal of PE- and PP-pipes. The inside debeader 160 is suitable for ID 90 up to ID 160. The maximum insertion depth is 20 meters. The removal of the weld seam is ideally be done during the cooling period.

The WIDOS inside debeader consists of a cutting head with blade that is geometrically designed in a way that cutting into the basic material is avoided. The spacers for the basic guide rod can be continuously adjusted to the respective inside diameter. The guiding rod extends up to an insertion depth of 12 m. If necessary it can be extended up to 20 m by an extension kit. The cutting out of the bead is carried out manually. The inside debeaders are delivered in a transport case.