Horizontal pumps can be retrofitted with a priming pot to provide self-priming capability. The priming pot is installed between the suction pipe and the pump.

The priming pot’s are available in Polypropylene (PP).

Operating principle
A priming pot filled with liquid is arranged between the pump and the suction pipe. During the startup phase, the pump draws the liquid from the priming pot thereby creating a vacuum in the priming pot.

The liquid in the tank to be emptied is under atmospheric pressure; vented system. Under the action of the pressure differential, the liquid is forced into the priming pot. As a result, the suction line is vented and the pump can lift the liquid from a level well below the pump.

Technical specification
– The effective volume of the priming pot must exceed the filling volume of the suction line by a factor
of 1.5 to 2.0.
– Priming pots are available in volume sizes of 10 to 26 l.
– Standard construction material of priming pots: polypropylene (PP), other materials can be
supplied on request.

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